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Unknown Facts about Puri Jagannadh - Mahesh Babu "Pokiri"

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

14 years ago a film that released in Telugu had created a sensation by breaking all the existing records and set up new records. "Evadu kodithe dhimma thirigi mind block ayyipoddho aade Pandugaadu", yes it is Pokiri ! Released on April 28th, 2006. It is completing 14 years today!

Here are the few facts to know about the film!

First Script of Puri..

You will be surprised to know that Pokiri was the first script written by Puri Jagannadh on paper.

Puri Jagannadh challenged his wife and did not visit his home for 6 months !

Before Pokiri, Puri Jagannadh was financially affected and challenged his wife that he won’t return home until he gets a blockbuster. For a span of Six Months he did not visit home and slept in his office.

Uttham Singh to Pokiri!

When Puri narrated the script to Mahesh babu the title was Uttham Singh, Later Mahesh babu wanted to change the title relevant to the character. Then Puri suggested Pokiri and his name in movie as Pandu gadu, where Puri calls his wife as Pandu at home.

5 days in Goa !

The story idea of Pokiri came 10 years before it started. Whereas Puri went to Goa and finished the dialogue version of it in just 5 days.

First choice was Kangana Ranaut, later Ileana !

At first Puri Jagan decided to cast Kangana Ranaut as the leading lady in Pokiri, but she left this project for Gangster movie and then he narrated the script to Ileana on the sets of Devadas.

Ileana wished not to be a part of Pokiri..

When Puri & Mahesh babu approached Ileana for this Project, she wished not to be a part of this film because she wasn't interested in movies. Her mother pushed her towards the acting field, so she was worried if this movie becomes okay, she might have to stick to acting !

Remake of Gala Gala Parutunna Godarila...

Puri Jagan liked Gala Gala Parutunna Godarila, a song from Gowri (starring Superstar krishna garu, directed by VijayaNirmala garu) in his childhood. Later when he was shooting Shivamani in Bangkok, the same tune was played by a street player with guitar, then he asked him about it. He said the base song is from an english album. Then Puri and Manisharma decided to bring back that song in Pokiri.

Krishna garu & Vijay Nirmala garu after watching the First copy of Pokiri..

After watching the first copy of Pokiri, VijayaNirmala garu immediately said that this movie is going to be an industry hit and Superstar Krishna garu predicted minimum 50Cr as Box office potential. At first Puri Jagan wondered and later their words came true.

Jagadame Song !

The cinematographer for Pokiri was Shyam K.Naidu but due to dates issue Jagadame song was shot by K.V Guhan.

Puri Film Fare

After Puri got Filmfare for Pokiri, he dedicated his award to his wife for not disturbing him for 6 months while working on Blockbuster Pokiri.

Successful Run

The film was released on 397 screens.


50 days in 300 centres

100 days in 200 centres (including 17 centres in Hyderabad)

175 days in a record 63 centres

200 days in 15 centres.

365/500/1000 days in a single centre in Kurnool


Mahesh Babu - Best Actor award [ Filmfare, Santhosham ]

Puri Jagannadh - Best Director Award [Filmfare]

Marthand K Venkatesh - Best Editor Award [Nandi Award]

Vijayan - Best Fight Master Award [Nandi Award]

Ravi Shankar - Best Dubbing Artist Award [Nandi Award]

Wishing Super star Mahesh Babu & Dynamic Director Puri Jagannadh a blockbuster year ahead.

Stay Home. Stay Safe !

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